Save Money
on Your Hotel

Get your room cheaper
in two simple steps


Forward Your Booking Confirmation Email to


Rebook the same room for a lower price

Get your room cheaper
in two simple steps


Forward Your Booking Confirmation Email to


Rebook the same room for a lower price

Imagine this

You buy a sweater for €100 and feel great. But two days later, it's on sale for €60! That initial joy turns to frustration.

It is just like Hotel booking

You don't check daily for price drops, but Rebookify does it for free. Rebooking a hotel, unlike returning a sweater, is easy and quick, taking 2 minutes.

What to do?

1. Forward your hotel booking confirmation email to

2. We look for lower prices at no cost, as we earn from affiliate programs and advertisements.

3. We send you an email once we find a better price. It's a worry-free way to always be the winner!

Use rebookify for Free

We take care of it

We'll track the prices for your room across various platforms immediately.

Be on time

Whenever we spot a cheaper deal, we notify you right away.

Guidance on next steps

If we find a better price, we guide you on how to proceed.

Find by yourself

Research extensively

Dedicate countless hours searching various websites and platforms hoping to find a cheaper rate for the same room you've booked.

Keep track manually

Remember to regularly check the prices for your booked room. If you forget to check for a day, you miss out on a better rate.

Handle rebooking

When you find a cheaper rate, navigate the complex world of hotel cancellation policies and the rebooking process on your own.

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User reviews
Emily Thompson

At first I was a bit sceptical, but I forwarded my hotel confirmation to them and they found me a deal that saved me 48$ on a three-night stay. Absolutely worth it!

Lukas Müller

Used Rebookify for the first time on my trip to Barcelona. Was amazed when they found a price drop of 28€.

Erik Lindberg

Gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with how upfront Rebookify is. They kept me in the loop, and Managed to save me 136 bucks on my Trip.

Elise Dubois

Found Rebookify while planning my Paris getaway. Managed to save on the same hotel I'd already booked. It's a brilliant service. Highly recommended

Liam O'Brien

Thought it's one of those scam things, but tried it anyway. Didn’t get a hit every time, but when it works, it's brilliant. Dublin here I come with some extra cash!

Elena Popescu

Shocked, here I am, saving 158€ for my Bucharest trip. Might just use this every time now

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