Top 5 European Capital Cities with the Lowest Crime Rate


When planning your next European adventure, consider these remarkably safe capitals, where the low crime rates enhance the charm of their rich cultures and histories. Pairing your trip with Rebookify ensures you get the best hotel deals in these secure destinations.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant cultural scene, ranks as one of the safest cities. Its low crime rate is bolstered by a strong sense of community and advanced policing methods. Reykjavik’s small size and homogenous population contribute to a high level of trust and safety within the city​.

2. Helsinki, Finland

Finland's capital offers a blend of safety, stunning architecture, and high living standards. Helsinki's safety is supported by excellent public transportation, widespread use of technology like CCTV, and a low crime rate. The city’s approach to community policing and comprehensive social welfare systems further secure its position as a safe destination​.

3. Oslo, Norway

Oslo is celebrated for its high quality of life and low crime rates, making it a prime destination for safe travel. With a strong focus on social equality and an efficient law enforcement system, Oslo provides a secure environment for tourists and locals alike​.

4. Bern, Switzerland

This Swiss capital is not just known for its picturesque landscapes and historical sites, but also for its safety. Bern’s effective community policing, strict gun control laws, and the active involvement of its citizens in crime prevention make it a particularly safe city for travelers​.

5. Vienna, Austria

Vienna combines cultural richness with security, making it a top choice for travelers seeking both safety and elegance. The city's high standard of living and robust safety measures, including low crime rates and excellent public services, ensure a worry-free visit for tourists​.

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